Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Faye! She wants us to go back decades and remind ourselves what we used to do for lunch those days when we were young and lovely.

So your assignment for March 15 is to share your memories of school lunches. What kind of school did you attend–public, private, parochial? Did you bring lunch from home or buy in the school cafeteria? What did your lunch look like? Who prepared it? Who did you have lunch with? Was this a happy part of the school day? What did you do during lunch time other than eat your PB & J sandwich?

Well, for me, I am not sure if it was a good memory or not, but it was interesting. My first disclaimer: I did not know that peanut butter sandwiches were lunch until I moved here. I went to 1st grade when I was 5 and our school was maybe 15 minutes walk from where we lived. But since we had to walk to school, my mom took me on her way to work, I think it took longer than 15 minutes. From 1st to 3rd grade, for lunch, I and some other students would come back to our respective homes for lunch. Our classes did not go back to school so I would eat lunch and then take a nap and then go out to play at around 4 pm. When I reached 4th grade, that was stress. I had to walk home fast, eat quickly, then literally run back to school. If you were late, you would pray that you had an extra padding on your behind. Lateness and talking in class were the BIGGEST crimes one could commit in school (speaking another language other than English on school grounds came a close second). We lived in fear of the headmaster and never attempted to do any other wrong. I was in a public school from 1st to 4th grade. In 5th grade, I changed schools and went to a private boarding school. I was no longer living with my parents because they moved to the big city. Although, this was a boarding school but I was not a boarder. I lived with an Asian family for one term, yeah, the food was great! My parents paid for me to eat lunch at the school cafeteria. I then moved in with an old lady for two terms, that was an interesting stay. Then in 6th grade and henceforth, I became a boarder and ate school food for lunch. Basically, all my lunches were hot food and for the most part, there were okay. I did not not have much to complain about.

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8 thoughts on “Fun Monday – School Lunch Memories

  1. I remember there was a day when we lived in fear of the principal….they were allowed to paddle if the crime was big enough (or if the teacher was pissed off enough. Somehow, I’ll bet those days are gone — at least here in the US.

    PS: Good luck in your training. I think my joints have gotten too old to do that kind of distance.


  2. I would have loved to be able to go home for lunch – just for the break from school and noise. Interesting that you could be a boarder without boarding… And living with an Asian family probably really extended your palate’s repertoire!


  3. Your school experiences were very interesting, Gracie. Have you written about them at another place on your blog? You seem very adaptible for a child so young. I would not have wanted to go to a boarding school.

    BTW, I checked on your marathon prep. Good luck and how much longer do you have to train before you run?


  4. We had kids in our class who went home for lunch also…I always wished I was one of them. I think I would have hated being in a boarding school…being away from my family would have been too traumatic to me. You seem to have handled it well. Thanks for sharing Grace


  5. I used to dream about going to boarding school and it sounded like so much fun (especially when I was mad at my parents). Of course then I read the book The Little Princess and I was afraid I would be the one doing all the cleaning instead of the learning so it lost a little of its romance. To me, it sounds like getting to go away to college, only at a younger age!


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