Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Gattina!!  Her fun topic is Umbrellas!

As April is quiet a moody month here in Belgium, I thought about asking you :
Do you use an umbrella against the rain or too much sunshine ? Even if you don’t you certainly have at least one in your house I suppose. Take a picture and show us the one or once you use (or not).

Thank you for asking Gattina.  I think I have only used my umbrella once or twice since my hubby bought it for me.  In Kenya, I used my umbrella ALL the time, against the sun and against the rain.  Here, I guess we spend a lot of our walking time in the car or under a roof or something so there is no big need for an umbrella.  It is interesting that in Kenya, if it would start raining with no notice, all these people would show up selling umbrellas.  They would be shouting “mia mbili, mia mbili”  (Sh 200, Sh 200 equivalent of US$3).  This picture was taken for a team building project we were doing at work and it was raining so hard, I actually had to use my  Head over to Gattina’s and admire everybody’s umbrella…

4 thoughts on “Under my Umbrella…

  1. When I lived in the West Indies for a time umbrellas were used as much to shelter from the sun as from rain–by women of all ages. BTW, love your new blog header. Hard to beat a couple of cute munchkins though!


  2. I went bird watching tuesday – and we were all on the far side of the lake and the sky opened. I got drenched. None of us had umbrellas. We were all carrying our binoculars and cameras.


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