Day 5

I think I am done with this Cabbage Soup Diet!  Today was supposed to be beef, beef and beef and lots and lots of tomatoes.  I went to Food Lion and wanted to see if there was any marked down beef and sure enough there was.  So I got myself some with tonnes of tomatoes and ended up making a serious beef stew.  Even the non meat lovers a.k.a. Rehema loved it.  I am right now watching one of my favorite shows, “So you think you can Dance?”  Some of these people can really dance!  

Amy and I started off this morning with some speed training, loved it.  We did some really fast kilometers.  It is just 3 weeks to the next race, the Riverbend 5K.   Well, hope you had a great day.


3 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. So? Did you lose any weight? How did this diet make you feel? Would you recommend it or advise against it? Inquiring minds want to know!


  2. grace says:

    Do not waste your time Sayre. The first two days were hard and then after that it got easier, I think I coud go on but it is not doing my any good. I would totally advise against it, unless you eat a lot of junk, then maybe it will help you a little to learn to control yourself, not necessarily to lose weight. The only pro for me was that I did not take in any processed foods during the time and I ate lots and lots of veggies and fruits and I realized fruits are worth investing in. the more fruit I ate, the less candy I craved (I am a candy addict) I lost all of 3 pounds, I do feel lighter. Sta tuned, I am going to attempt diet number 2 coming Monday. I want to play around with these diets just for the fun of it


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