Fun Monday – Summer Days

Summer loving had me a blast…Summer loving happened so fast!

Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Sayre. She wants us to show and tell about how you spend your summer days. Do you get to laze around and enjoy time off? Or do you work straight through? What do your kids do during the summer?

Well, unfortunately, for us, we just work straight through summer like it never happened. For this summer, we were are hoping, we could be able to afford to go and attend my brother’s wedding, but tickets for 4 people, is kinda pricey.
The kids might have more fun than the adults. Rehema cannot believe her luck that she gets to swim a lot and she will be going for her first summer camp. Henry is just hanging around, spalshing some water too.

Head over to Sayre and see what people are doing for summer…

Soon it was time, to say goodbye…


5 thoughts on “Fun Monday – Summer Days

  1. First Gracie, I love your very cool new blog template. Very Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Enjoy a bit of laid back summertime and I hope you get to attend the wedding.


  2. What is it with brothers getting married this summer??? Though technically, mine is doing it in October… In Seoul, Korea! I didn’t think I’d get to go, but my parents (who can’t travel) decided to spend their tax refund sending a couple of us over there. I’m so excited!!!

    I’ll be working straight through too. Luckily, I can do some of my work from home, which makes the day-sharing with my husband much easier. My son loves to swim in the summer! He’s going to miss camp this year, but we do have the pool, which helps.


  3. Hi Grace,
    You have a classy new look to your blog since my last visit. Watching little ones swim is a great summer past time. I hope that you are able to attend the wedding.


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