First, don’t you just love my blog’s new look?  I love it!

This Sunday there was a high $$$ pampers wipes coupons in the Sunday paper. So, I had it ready so that I could get me some tubs of wipes…I was in Walmart to get a beach towel for Henry as he starts his journey to the swim team and decided to do a price check, and guess what, ALL the pampers wipes were $1.97. Wow, I just scored a free tub of wipes. Little did I know that Walmart has high moral standards. I swiped my coupon at the self service cashier and it did not work. The cashier in charge came and told me they cannot take a coupon that is of a higher value than the cost of the item, but she will check with the Customer Service lady. Customer Service lady made a phone call and came back and told me, they can’t take it. Manager came too and told me, no, they can’t take it. I asked them, why don’t you key in the price of the item like other stores do, she replied that, we get reimbursed $2 and so we cannot key $1.97. Manager told me, they want you to use it at an expensive place…I guess, that is what I am going to do…and I put back the wipes.

3 thoughts on “Coupon Fiascos!

  1. Huh… that’s a little crazy… Even if they sell it for less, don’t they get reimbursed $2.00? They’d make three cents!

    I do like your new look – very artsy!


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