It has taken me a whole 4 weeks to get back to the routine of school after taking the spring and summer semester off, most of my assignments are due on Sunday at 11pm (12 pm my time) giving me the extra hour.  It’s crazy, readings and readings, articles to review,  APA style everywhere, statistics to figure out and internships to look for, I love my major and epidemiology puts the fear of the Lord in me! Well, I might even go to the gym tomorrow and try my feet at running again, I am almost losing my credibility as far as running is concerned. Hey, how about an ice cream cone at the end of the day? Henry loved it!
Just talked to my Dad in the past hour…it was nice to talk to him, I wish he had skype though, I would talk to him more often and would get to ‘see’ him too.

One thought on “Finally…

  1. If it’s possible, your life sounds even crazier than mine! Which is why I chose the topic for this week’s Fun Monday – Your Quiet Place. Join in if you feel like it!

    I have far-flung family too – but the only one who skypes is my brother in Korea. My parents have it all set up, so sometimes I get to see/talk to him there.

    I’ll be GOING to Korea in October – that same brother is getting married!


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