Fun Monday – Quiet Place

Now that I have finally gotten my life together and a little more organized, I am back to running and I am back to Fun Monday too. Our host this month is Sayre and here is her assignment:

My march through September as host of Fun Monday is drawing closer to the end… for this week, I wanted to know about your “quiet place.” Life is crazy and everyone needs a way to escape from the crazy and renew themselves. Where is YOUR quiet place? Do you take refuge in music? Massage? Meditation? Exercise? What is your escape from the world – even for just a little while?

Well, if you know me, you know I love to run, so I would say that my quiet place is running. I love to run indoors and outdoors, whatever is convenient. There is something about running, I remember once baby girl asked me, what am I running from? and I told her life. There is just something that running does to you, makes you forget about life for a moment, especially if you go running early in the morning against the elements! You can meditate, think, pray or even sing while running. Last month I took part in a mud run, and that was fun! Running indoors has its perks, I just like to run and watch people in the gym…People are so interesting when they are running on the treadmill!

Stop by Sayre and see other people’s quiet place, you might just get an idea of a new quiet place. I hope you had a great Monday

4 thoughts on “Fun Monday – Quiet Place

  1. Hey, Grace! Thanks for joining in! I’ll add you to my FM links.

    I agree with you – running or any other kind of exercise can be a great escape. I wish running was something I could do comfortably. Whenever I try though, my brain is very focused on my shortcomings in that endeavor!


  2. Hi Grace! Nice to see you on the FM list again. Hope your family is well and happy. Have only a little experience with running, but a few years ago in a fitness boot camp our drill sergeant had us do all kinds of runs. My favorite was the long, untimed ones. I suck at running, so was always at the back of the pack–by myself. Plenty of opportunity to just think while I struggled to keep going.


  3. Hi Grace,
    I am glad that you have joined Fun Monday again. I can understand the solitude that you experience running. Moreover, running is good for you.


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