Fun Monday is hosted by Faye:Your assignment for October 4 is to share a favorite family photo(s)and tell us why this particular photo means so much to you.

Faye has posted some really neat pictures, make sure you stop by and admite them. This picture was taken when my employer opened up the campus for family and friends. I just thought it was a nice pic of the family sorry, it kinda’s old but for the most part, we still look like that…LOL!

Head over to Faye and see other family potraits and have yourself a fun Monday.

9 thoughts on “Family Foto!

  1. That’s a lovely photo, Grace – and you guys do look much like you did then – except I’ll bet Henry’s much bigger!!!!

    I hope to get my post up this morning – Blogger is not cooperating with me!!!


  2. It looks like the family is heading off on an adventure. Are you in an airport? The baby has become quite the little man, hasn’t he? Do he and big sister do well together? a real keeper photo.


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