Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Faye, she is October’s hostess.  Her topic is below:

Fridge Blogs -In most homes the refrigerator door is not only decorated, it’s also the family communications center with calendars, photos, announcements, reminders and, if you’re lucky, some art work from a budding Picasso. Fridge blogs are a form of family communication that most of us have used for years and are still not willing to give up in favor of technology. Your assignment for October 11 is to share a photo of your refrigerator door. What do you have displayed on it? What does this focal point of your kitchen say about you and your family?

Our fridge is just pictures, in fact we still have two ultra sound printouts on the fridge!!!  We no longer display the artwork because the owners have decided to display it elsewhere.  We have pictures of Henry mostly, one of basic training, a wedding picture and other interesting pictures, quite a few fridge magnets with obsolete information.  I am sorry I am late with my posting, with Columbus day was a holiday for everybody, my assignments are catching up with me.  Hope you had a fun Monday, please head over to Faye and see the other fridge blogs.  She even has the next topic up, maybe you can join us next Monday.

5 thoughts on “Refridgerator!

  1. Your fridge looks a lot like mine – except yours is much neater!!! Mine is definitely a hodgepodge stuck up there every whichway!

    Your kids are so cute!


  2. I love that your little artists have decided to exhibit some place other than the fridge door–that implies a lot of works on display. It would be a joy to see photos of your kids as they grow up–from sono on.

    No worries about late posting. I’m just glad as many people participated with it being a holiday weekend.


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