I had many great bargains this week but nothing beats watching Disney on Ice for free!

I was worried that Henry would be bored but I think he was fascinated by all the characters coming to ‘life’.

It was so much fun, we kept away from the $15 icees!
Well, my bargain from this week was shopping at Rite Aid. I will try and link up all the coupons

 1 packet of Diapers @ 8.99
2 boxes of Quakers Instant Oatmeal @ 2.50 each
2 packets of Alka-Seltzer Plus (for colds) @ 4.94
2 bags of Pistachios @ 2.99
1 small skittles bag @ .50cents

Used 5 off 25 Rite Aid Coupon
(2) $2/1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal (this is no longer available)
(2) $3/1 Alka Seltzer plus from 11/24 SS
(2) $1/1 Alka Seltzer Rite Aid VV coupon
(2) $1/1 Wonderful Pistachios from here
(1) $.25 Skittles Rite Aid VV Coupon
(2) $1 Up Rewards

Total OOP = $7.60 plux tax
Saved $22.75
UP Rewards earned $9 (good towards next purchase)