The holidays can be a lonely time, especially when your family is far away, thanks to all of you who always open their home to us during the holidays. You bring family closer to our kids and we are forever grateful to you for that. Well, I saw this in a blog about two years … More Thanksgiving

Happy Birthday Mom!

“Nothing can fill the gap when we are away from those we love, and it would be wrong to try and find anything. We must simply hold out and win through. That sounds hard at first, but at the same time it is agreat consolation, since leaving the gap unfilled preserves the bond between us. … More Happy Birthday Mom!

When you lose something, it’s all that you want back. You waited patiently. But it don’t work like that. When you lose someone, the first thing that goes through your head, is if you run fast enough, you just might catch up. But it don’t work like that. You just gotta watch it fly. Stand … More