The holidays can be a lonely time, especially when your family is far away, thanks to all of you who always open their home to us during the holidays. You bring family closer to our kids and we are forever grateful to you for that. Well, I saw this in a blog about two years ago and so I am going to ‘copy’. It is the ABC’s of thanksgiving.

Abraham – I am thankful for my brother Abraham and I am so happy that the Lord blessed him with a beautiful wife Kay
Books – I am thankful for books, you can learn a lot from reading!
Christine – I am thankful for my sister Christine, you will always be my celebrity, you always make us smile
Dad – I am forever thankful for my Dad! He is the best. I love you Dad.
Employment – I am thankful for my job…it was pretty scary a few months ago but the Lord is faithful
Friends – I am thankful for all the friends we have. May the Lord bless you all!
God is faithful! What can I say?
Henry Luke – You are my favorite son! You make my smile every day.
Interesting people make life so interesting
Jesus – He is my Lord and Savior
Kay – I am thankful for gaining a new sister, Kay
Life – I am thankful that our family has been generally healthy this year
Mom, I hope you are having the time of your life up in heaven, I miss you!
New City Fellowship – I am thankful for our church, the pastor and pastoral church
Onesmus – You are hilarious, you bring lots of humor into our lives, I love being your sister
Provisions – The Lord has provided for us each and everyday and for that I am grateful
Quick bread – Quotes – Quick thinking
Rehema – You are my favorite daughter, you amaze me each day with how you know. May all your dreams come true!
Sila, 10 years and loving you! You are the best.
Teachers – I am thankful for all the teachers in my kids lives.
U tell me what you are thankful for!
Voicemail – I love voicemail
Water – I am thankful that we have running water everyday
X??? I am still thankful
You, I am thankful for you who reads my blog πŸ™‚
Zzzzzzzz – I am thankful for sleep

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. That was beautiful, Grace. You have much to be thankful for and the true blessing is that you recognize that! So many people have so much and don’t think anything of it. But you and I? I think we re grateful for the blessings in our lives every single day.


  2. I’ve had worse and I’ve had better. But it was a beautiful day, full of wonderful people and great food. I’m thankful to have been able to share the day with them.


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