Wedding Trivia

Since 9th December marks our 10th wedding anniversary, I am going to play some wedding trivia. Here goes: In some cultures, when the groomsman comes to get the girl from the house, they cannot come empty handed. So when Dave Peterson came to get me to take me to the church, Sunil asked him:
Dave, did you bring a …? You know they will not the bride go if you don’t have it. What do you think Sunil was talking about?
take a guess and “Dave” you or yours are not allowed to answer.

6 thoughts on “Wedding Trivia

  1. Water was scarce in Nairobi at that time and you had to buy water or wait in the middle of the night for water to ‘come back’ and then you would store, so Sunil was telling Dave that he has to give money to my Dad to buy a water tank so as to be able to store water easily


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