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Interviews! Interviews! Interviews do put the fear of the Lord into many people’s lives. There is excitement about getting an interview and then the fear sets in. I have gone for many interviews and some did stand out. They saw the interviewer knows in the first five minutes whether they will hire you, I think the interviewee too knows in the next five minutes whether they are getting the job or not. I cant really rank my interviews but I will talk about three.

Have you ever heard a telephone interview? I think those are the hardest, granted you might be in your pajamas while interviewing but then again, your 2 year old could be screaming his head off in the next room. I was sitting at my desk, working my life away then I got this phone call and the man asked if he could speak with me. The next thing I knew, I was interviewing for an international job in Ethiopia. I had applied for a UN job and he called me to interview me for the job! I was elated!! I don’t remember what he asked me, I was just thinking how I was moving to Ethiopia. Well, I did not get the job but it was a memorable job interview.

The next one was memorable because they discriminated against me and they told me they did. We were down to the final two (the other person was a college mate) and it was a panel of like 5 men. First, I had an eye stye…yes, on the day of the interview! but nothing was going to stop me. I was just fresh out of college and I needed a job!! I went in, interviewed and they told me, they were not going to give me the job because I was a woman and the second reason was because I did not have a Driver’s License. WOW! Of course the other guy got it, I am not sure why they wasted my time calling me for the second interview. I got my Driver’s License a few weeks later, unfortunately, there was nothing I could do about the first reason.

The third one is memorable just because of the stress it took to get there. Saw the advert, applied, got a call and was on my way. This architect was looking for an office manager. Being the architect that he was, he had bought land in the country (15 years ago it was country, now, the land there is prime) and build this fabulous house. It took a matatu one hour to get there which meant one hour waiting for the matatu, and then on a slow day, 30 minutes to fill up. I arrived at the matatu stop and it had just left. So I waited forever, I had to call the guy to tell him that I would be 1 hour late. The matatu came and since it was in the middle of the day, we had to wait for it to fill to capacity. Matatus that go on such kind of routes are usually slow and old! It took us forever and then finally I reached. He seemed neutral. He told me about his company, showed me pictures of his work, buildings he had designed and all and then I told him, I was no longer interested in the job. The pain it took to get there and the pay he was offering, was totally not worth it. He was not happy and he asked me to refer someone which I did!
Have you heard a memorable interview?


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