Topic: How do you stay focused?

How do I stay focused? it all depends on the task at hand. For school assignments, I need deadlines. If you tell me when the assignment is due, chances are on the night before I will focus and get it finished. The activity that I have had a hard time focussing on is a weight loss program. January is the month when everyone tries to get you to sign up for their weight loss program. I bought Jillian’s 30 Day DVD program, and I could not last the 30 days. This time, I want to try the Special K Challenge. I need something to jump start my program. I have tried their chocolate cereal and I think I could eat it everyday. Their Granola cereal is not that bad either, hey, it is only for two weeks. Will I be able to focus?? I think the way to focus is to keep your eyes on the goal. What’s my goal? To lose the 6 pounds in the two weeks!!


2 thoughts on “Topic: How do you stay focused?

  1. Deadlines help me stay focused – I usually try to beat them by as much as I can! I do need to figure out a way to stay focused on daily stuff though – like weightloss, eating better, making sure I get enough sleep… those aren’t really things to set deadlines for since they involve changes that you really need to do for the rest of your life.


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