Topic:Write about one thing you’ve never told anyone and explain why

I think the guys over at wordpress want to know our secrets or something and so they want us to tell something we have never told and explain why. Ha! 

Well, mine is not a secret but 10 years ago, I used to wear earings EVERYDAY!!  Then one day my neighbor sent her daughter to our house and she asked her mom :”Are you talking about that lady who wears BIG earings?”  I was TRAUMATIZED and never wore any dangling earings again.   Well, I have a stash that I picked up when I went to Kenya last.  I want to do a give away to celebrate my one week of daily postings!  Please leave a comment on which pair you like and why and I will do a drawing and you might win the pair you like for yourself or for someone.  You can post on my FB or my blog but you have to be my FB friend to win and I have to be able to mail it or get it to you easy!


7 thoughts on “Topic:Write about one thing you’ve never told anyone and explain why

  1. I don’t wear earrings except for special occasions. I’m like that with all jewelry – for someone as clumsy as me, I might trip over it or snag it on something. So I save it for times when I know I’ll be conscious of what I’m doing at all times.

    I like the green ones. The shape is very appealing to me for some reason.


  2. katiek says:

    OOooOooo earrings!! I do where earrings everyday. It makes me feel a little bit fancy even when I’m just going to get groceries. I think you should be proud of being known for your accessories! I really like them all, but if I had to chose I’d go for the shell ones (A). They look extra long!


  3. Elizabeth says:

    I love the green ones. How special – from your country! I’m going to start reading your blog – how awesome!!! Miss you Grace!


  4. Dawn Younce says:

    Hey, Grace. I love your blog and I love the earring story!! Too funny! I wish I could get my thoughts together enough so I could write again. Maybe someday…. The earrings are all beautiful but if I had to pick one, it would be #1. Hope you and the family are well!


  5. You’re crazy! You are beautiful & earrings are so cute on you! I love C. They are cute & fun. They even have a tribal look to them b/c of the colorful beads. These would be comfortable & not too heavy so I like them. I’m thinking I might want to do the February 1/2 with you & Monica now…I really want to keep running w/you two so if I can keep up then why not try to do the same race 🙂 love you friend!


  6. Sayre – I understand what you mean, I am always fearful that Henry will pull my earings
    Katie – earrings have a way of making one look fancy and beautiful
    Elizabeth – thanks, hope you are loving your new job
    Dawn, please start writing again, I would read it
    Amy, I love you too! no pressure! you can run the half when you are ready


  7. Monica Cramer says:

    I got made fun of IN A MEETING by a manager for wearing a hair bow. Do you know what I said? Not everyone can pull it off! P.S. I love the ones on the far left…the flat, yellow, pear shaped with the designs on them.


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