Topic:Describe the wackiest but most useful advice you’ve ever received

I would not say that this advice was wacky but I was surprised when she gave me the advice, and I took it anyway!  When we were moving to the US, one of the missionary ladies invited me for Chai (yummy!) to say bye and all and she told me to make sure to buy anti-malaria tablets and carry them because should I get malaria for any reason, I would first need a prescription, which means I would need to see a doctor, and you know there are stories about Larium.  So I went and bought a dose of anti-malaria tablets for the equivalent of a $1.  (they are now $3, 8 years later)  Do you know, we got to the US, and one of us got malaria, we still did go to see the doctor (who called ALL the doctors he knew in town) and he ended up saying the sick one should take the malaria tabs I had bought.  The next day, they called to see if the patient had died was okay!  I am forever grateful to that woman and I think the doctor should have returned our $99.


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