Topic:What is your favorite word? Why?

My favorite word used to be a word that most of you have never heard of. I used to use it all the time. ‘Jipox’ I am not even sure how to spell it since it is not a real word. I guess it could also be spelled ‘gpox’ I bet you are wondering what this word means and what language it is in. Okay, it is leaning towards Sheng (Swahili & English) other than that, I cannot really tell you what language it is. Pox – comes from the word ‘poking’ Well, it means, when someone is ‘poking their nose into other people’s businesses’ ‘not minding their own business’ ‘being a parasite’ ‘gatecrashing’ ‘insisting on knowing something when they don’t’ and the meanings are endless, that person is ‘jipoxing’. Have a fun Friday!


2 thoughts on “Topic:What is your favorite word? Why?

  1. Danzo says:

    I like jipox. But my absolute fav is “jipanga”. It is a newish Kenyan word. It implies kinda the opposite of jipox. It means to sort your own issues and not make them other peoples problems. Eg. Can I give you a ride or will you jipanga?


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