Topic:Have you ever lied about your age? Why?

I have never had reason to lie about my age, but at the same time, I do not volunteer my age. I remember when I was turning 25, my younger brother who was a teenager then, told me “You are so old!” and that day, I did feel really old. When I went to basic training, I was one of the older ones and I did feel old but I never lied about my age. I guess you reach a certain age that it does not matter anymore. I guess next year is the big deal birthday, then I will stop counting…:-)


6 thoughts on “Topic:Have you ever lied about your age? Why?

  1. Monica Cramer says:

    Yes, if you can believe it, I have lied about my age to make myself older (how foolish we are when we are young.) When I was sequestered on jury duty, I got asked to be the foreman (it was a serious criminal case, and we were sequestered for a week.) After all the jurors voted to name me foreman, one man suddenly voiced the concern – how old are you? I was 19, but I totally lied and gave some number in the 20s. In retrospect, I’m not sure why I did it. It was sort of an instant reaction out of the fear of being considered “immature” I guess, and afterward, I regretted it.


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