Last night I ditched my old loving purple cell phone and replaced it with a smart phone.  I have had my old loving purple cell phone for 3 years and it has served me well.  I was told that these cell phones are build to last your two years contract and then they start to disintergrate, but mine is still alive and kicking.  Unfortunately, I have to ditch it 😦  I must confess that the smart phone is a little too smart for me.  The guide is a little too short for me.  I stayed up late, trying to figure out how to work the phone since I had already disable my old loving purple cell phone. 

In one weeks time I will be running a half -marathon my FIRST HALF-MARATHON, crazy, isn’t it?  I cannot believe it.  I do love races, I try to run one a month, but I usually register on the morning of the race.    This race does sell out and they do not allow race day registration.  After my running  buddy started to get worried that she might run the half by herself, I went and registered.  Now I am all nervous, I cannot imagine running for 2.5 hours non-stop (that is my goal, to finish in at least 2.5hours)!  I need to load up my ipod…I need to start reading about pre-race diet and all that crap!  I need to get myself psychologically ready…

I need to finish my assignments now…


7 thoughts on “HTC

  1. I love my simple phone… I will be very sad when it stops working.

    I’m so excited about your half-marathon!!! Wish I were running in your shoes. Given that I’m barely walking at this point, I can appreciate how much effort you’ve got to be putting in! You can do it!


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