Move that bus!

I do not really watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition because it ALWAYS makes me cry…but there is one episode I am looking forward to. (It airs sometime in May)  Ty Pennington is in town and tomorrow everybody will be screaming…MOVE THAT BUS! tomorrow.  I really wanna go but I cannot leave my kids behind and I am just worried that I will lose my kids in the process if I go with them because I bet EVERYBODY will be there.  It has been an exciting week here, seeing a house being build in one week!   And the little boy is the sweetest boy ever.  The family so deserves that house. 

From yesterday’s auditions, there is hope that American Idol might be coming to town too!  Lauren Alaina moved on!  Wow!  I wish her the best, she can sing…if she makes it to the top, I know who I am voting for.


6 thoughts on “Move that bus!

  1. E HM came to our town to do their thing – which was wonderful even though it had a sad ending. The father had cancer and didn’t get to see the finished product, having died the day before the big reveal. He knew it was coming though and was relieved that his family had a nice place to live after he was gone.


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