I have had so many great road trips and a few interesting ones.  There was one which we (Sila, Jason, Gurney and I) took the overnight train from Nairobi to Mombasa, we left Nairobi in the evening and half way there, another train had derailed and since they share railroad at some point, we could not go anywhere and we stayed at that spot for like 6 hours.  Luckily it was an overnight train so we had beds and they fed us.  We reached Mombasa the next day in the evening, a 24 hours train ride!! DSC04099
One of the best road trips ever was when we went to 3 different National parks in Kenya…we went to Aberdare (spent one of the nights at Noah’s Ark) Amboseli and finally we saved the best for last, Mt Kenya National Park. It was at this road trip that I acquired my first pet!
Apparently, in Mt Kenya National Park, there is a dress code for dinner. Yes, you are not allowed to wear jeans to dinner. We did not have any dress clothes!! The head waiter allowed us in to eat the dinner we had paid for! It was a fun road trip!!

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