I have been watching too many reality shows,  I am on Team Russell on Survivor, I want the Cowboys to win in Amazing Race but I am think they are being cut since they can’t figure out that puzzle thing, I love Naima on American Idol and of course, Idol needs to come to town through Lauren…at least this time, we wont have to hang on a phone forever, this year we get to vote online.

2 days to the half marathon and nyquil is my friend!  Not good!!

3 thoughts on “Reality!

  1. Uh-oh… that’s not good. I hope you’re all cleared up and raring to go come Saturday morning!

    I abandoned reality shows a long time ago. I’ve got my own reality I have to worry about!


  2. You are running a half-marathon? Congratulations, I hope that your run is a good one.

    I stopped by to let you know the Final February Fun Monday assignment is posted. I hope that you will join us again


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