Today’s Fun Monday is hosted by Molly. She wants us to share a memory from childhood. I have many fun childhood memories and one which sticks with me was when we would go to Mombasa for vacation (we called it holiday) by overnite train.  That was so much fun, just sleeping in the train as it moved.  It was like sleeping while it was raining.   Mombasa was always fun! good food and good times!  Another fond memory was going to the Drive In to watch movies…Oh, how I loved those!  My dad loved to take us to watch movies and I remember watching “Banana Joe”!  Head over to Molly’s and read about childhood memories!

3 thoughts on “Fun Monday

  1. My parents had a big station wagon, which they put a foam mattress into. We went to the Drive In Theatre and after we’d worn ourselves out on the playground, we piled back into the car for the movie. At some point, we usually fell asleep and my parents could watch in peace.


  2. Grace, Thank you for the memories. Reading about your train fun holiday, does bring back memories of a childhood train ride from our hometown of Fort Wayne to Chicago. Sleeping on the train sounds like great fun.


  3. I loved those nostalgic days of Drive-in movies! Once a group of us put a mattress in the back of a truck and we all loaded up in the back.

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