When I was 8, my Dad got a promotion and we had to move from the ‘small’ town that we lived in to the big city, Nairobi. My Dad decided to take me to a boarding school that was located in the small town we were moving from. I loved it! James Bond movies on Saturdays…I know! I guess Mr. Scott the Headmaster saw nothing wrong with showing kids 007…one of the classes we had every Friday was called Letter writing. Every Friday, just before lunch, the teacher wrote a form letter on the blackboard and we had to copy it word for word and write it out to our parents. (about 500 of the same exact letter went out on Fridays!) The school semester had 12 weeks, and so we had to come to school with 12 self-addressed stamped envelopes. After we finished writing, we were not allowed to seal the envelopes and ALL the letters went to Mr Scott’s office and I think he read some randomly, just in case you spilled and said you hate the pumpkin that was served on Thursdays!! My dad told me later that he LOVED those letters. Generally, they were about what happened that week and how we were doing so well. I have been thinking of setting one day a month to write my Dad a letter and let him know what is up with me…I bet he will LOVE them, at least it wont be a form letter this time…

p/s that school has so many sets of siblings and there was a family that had 7 kids in the school and the older child would go to every class and pick up each letter and send it in one envelope 🙂


4 thoughts on “Letters

  1. My dad does that. Both his parents live in Europe and he writes a big letter to each of them once a month.

    I should do that too, but I seem to only manage two or three times a year. Obviously I need to manage my time better!!!


  2. This blog is becoming very enlightening for me. I did not know we moved coz Dad got a promotion!
    And yes, dad would love to get letters from you!


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