We scored some tickets and went to the circus. Outside the arena, there were some people carrying signs, basically protesting the treatment of elephants and lions. I didn’t think much about them. But when I was watching the elephants perform, even though they were putting on a great show, I started to feel sorry for the elephants, surely, were they born to do such kind of tricks and all, or are they meant to be roaming wild in the jungle of Africa or somewhere in India? What do you guys think?


5 thoughts on “Circus

  1. Well, that’s definitely an interesting way of thinking about it. I suppose it feels worse when someone is making money from the elephants. But then again, maybe the elephants are having a ball and they may be the envy of their cousins back home!


  2. I suppose it depends on how they are trained and how they are treated. I see nothing wrong with training animals if it is done with love and without pain. If they are cared for and have enough to eat and drink and a comfortable place to sleep…

    One could make the same argument about pets. There are some people who should NEVER have a pet – they don’t take the time to understand the nature of the animal or what it needs. But if that care is taken to ensure that the animal has everything it needs, then why not? I wouldn’t condemn the elephant people out of hand without knowing the real situation.


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