Fun Monday: I am so embarrassed

The Georgia Girls of In Good Company are hosting today’s Fun Monday. Their topic: I’m so embarrassed! Tell about your worst, really embarrassing moment…please head over to their website and read their post, I laughed so loud, I am still in tears. Maybe you will be inspired to post, they have this quote “The rate at which a person can mature is directly proportional to the embarrassment he can tolerate.” ~~ Douglas Engelbart

It was the beginning of my second year at college, the first day of the fall semester and we were registering and trying to impress the new and the old. The registrar’s area was jam packed. Everyone wanted to register and leave. I finished registering and decided to make my grand departure. I was looking over my stuff just to make sure I had everything right at the same time walking…and just like the fountain lady, I missed my step and found myself on the ground. It was fast and slow motion at the same time, fast because I could not stop it, slow motion because EVERYBODY saw me fall. Not only was my body lying down on the floor, my papers too were on the floor. There was silence! then I heard a few ‘sorrys’ I got up, picked up my stuff and transferred to another college (just kidding)…


3 thoughts on “Fun Monday: I am so embarrassed

  1. Public prat falls are hard to live down.. especially in your own head!

    Mine are actually on tape somewhere. There’s a short hallway to the outside adjoining the main hallway downstairs. It has a security camera on it, pointed towards the main hall. One day, I was walking to another office when I tripped over nothing. I recovered, took a couple of steps out of view of the camera, remembered something I’d left behind, turned back – and did it again. My office is a few steps away, so I got whatever it was I forgot and headed back down the hall. And as soon as I got even with the hallway, tripped again.

    SO somewhere at work, there’s a tape of me tripping three times in about 30 seconds in the same place and over nothing!


  2. I’m sorry I must have missed this post! I guess you succeeded in making an impression 🙂 Those moments are far worse in our own minds.

    I think I will save my most embarrassing moment for a post, but it was in 8th grade, in a parking lot, and a wire cable. 🙂

    Thanks for joining us. See you tomorrow!


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