Topic:What is the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you on a bus?

  I could tell you many stories about buses. Before the Kenya buses started following the rules and regulations and having only sitting passengers, riding a Kenya Bus was an experience.  Not sure if you would call it a great experience, but it did test my patience, always! When it rained, people did not care for your shoes, they stepped all over you with mud. At times I would ride the bus with my brother and we would pretend we don’t know each other and start yelling at each other, those were fun days. The bus could pass your bus stop and if you missed it, you either had to learn the art of alighting from a moving bus (which was illegal) or you would have to walk quite a distance back to your stop. Then there were the entertainers. There were those people who entered the bus, gave a short sermon, prayed for you and then asked for offering…morning devotion someone? then there was this boy and he had an infection on his face and his face was all swollen, and he would enter the bus, tell us how he had a dental surgery which went wrong and he was collecting money for treatment at a future date. Dare you not give him some money… I remember at one time one of the passengers chased him out of the bus. Please note that soliciting was not even allowed in the buses. I remember once I actually watched this old guy try to pick pocket me, I was so scared I alighted from the bus. The long distance buses were even more fun, we usually travelled overnight but if you decided to travel during the day, you could write a book. You could buy anything in the bus, from medicines which the seller (not pharmacist) promised that it could treat anything, to bananas and cold drinks. We were warned not to buy the samosas because they were spiked, if you ate one, you would fall asleep and wake up at your destination without your luggage and money. What is the strangest thing that’s ever happened to me on a bus? Plenty!

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  1. Wow! You’ve taken me back many many years. Yes it was interesting to take bus rides those days. For me the highlight was watching some inexperienced person alighting from a moving bus as though it wasn’t moving. After about a second of thinking you were alright, the inertia would hit you (like a bus!) and tip you over lol! Getting out of a moving bus is an art. You have to literally ‘hit the ground running’


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