My posts have been kinda slow in coming, I have a research paper and a report due, one is due tomorrow, so I have been trying to work on them…the problem is that I find myself doing other stuff than concentrating on my assignments. I have to say, online learning is pretty hard, I think the student does 80% of the work. I will be so glad when this semester is over, yes, I am taking it one semester at a time. This week was a pretty good week in Walgreens, the drug store was basically paying us to take their Almay cosmetics. All the Almay cosmetics had a $5 R&R, plus there was a $2 Walgreens Almay coupon and the items were starting at $4.15. You do the math…I paid $2.15 for the eye makeup remover and got back $5. I did a few rolling scenarios and ended up $36 worth of stuff (including stuff we use like the big packet of Huggies baby wipes) for $7 and I have $5 R&R. Fun stuff!! I guess I need to go back to my reality…assignments. Hope you are having a safe weekend, it is raining hard here.

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  1. I wish it were raining here. It’s so dry and the air is full of smoke from nearby fires. Not very pleasant.

    It’s lovely and awful to have the option to do on-line learning. I don’t know if I would be disciplined enough to do that.


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