I signed up to do Fun Monday but was caught up with the cares of the world, now things are slowing down, the house is getting quieter as kids go to bed. Today was an interesting day in my world, I tried out the treadmill workstation.  Wow!  It does take some getting used to, but I think it is a brilliant idea.  I walked/worked on it for 40 minutes and was surprised at how much I was able to accomplish.  Of course, I was walking at one hour a mile (It was slow….) and I did not have the right shoes for it.  The Fun Monday this month was hosted by Georgia Girls and they have been superb, I have enjoyed the topics. Today’s topic they wanted us to share what advice our mother or father gave us that we remember to this day…Mom was a woman of very few words, she spent most of her time praying for us. My Dad on the other hand is a man of very many words, He is a Pastor, so what do you expect? He talked to us a lot but one thing I always remember him saying is that stay close to family and your parents always want the best for you. I didn’t believe Him most of the time but now when I look back and think about my kids, I think he was right. Head over to Georgia Girls and get you some words of wisdom…who knows, at the end of it all, you might be almost as wise as King Solomon.

2 thoughts on “Fun Monday: Who is the wiser?

  1. I can hear all the discussions now with your Father 🙂 Friends will come and go, but in the end it’s your family who will remain. Mothers do a lot of praying — sometimes it is the only thing you can do.

    Thanks for being a part of Fun Monday!


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