“Tornadoes and violent storms ripped through seven Southern states, killing at least 295 people and causing billions of dollars of damage in some of the deadliest twisters in U.S. history” From Reuters

We are all fine!! The Lord was good to us. Today is the 4th day and counting with no power. The sight of power trucks make me happy, until they pass your neighborhood. 2 exams, 1 research paper and 1 assignment await me, all due Sunday, but the Lord is good. Exams bring stress, but exams with no power!. I am hanging in there, I am so grateful for Sila and friends who have made it possible for me to have some access to power and the internet. I never did think I would find myself sitting in a starbucks, studying for an exam, charging my phone and ipod and guess what? Everyone at Starbucks is charging their phone, checking their e-mail and sipping their coffee as slow as they can, all the power outlets are being used. Thank you Totallytarget for the Starbucks gift card!! Wow! Your prayers are appreciated.

My break

So I have been gone for awhile, I decided to take a break from facebook and concentrate on my studies, May 2nd, this semester will be over, then I will decide if I really need facebook or not. It has been so good not to feel the pressure to check facebook and to be in the know with what is happening. I realized that life really does go on without facebook. I do not need to know all that and it is a waste of time that I did not have. I ran my one miler on saturday, the bad news is that I was last 😦 (hey, I was running with 20 somethings) and the good news is that my time was 8.30…official time was 8.29.something. I was really proud of myself, next race, Chattanooga Chase 8K, this is my favorite race. Something about running in that posh neighborhood and having people cheer you from their houses!! Hope you have an great week and see you next Sunday night!!

Extreme Couponing

I have not watched that program but from what I hear, it is indeed extreme!
This week, I got free Olay soap from Bi Lo (the sale ends on Tuesday) thanks to the $2 P&G coupons in the P&G insert that was in the paper on the 3rd. Bi Lo is selling the 2 bar Olay soaps for $1.99 and so I grabbed some for free!! You might call it extreme, but who does not love free good stuff? I hope you have a great week.

Chickamauga Chase 5K

I just ran the Chickamauga Chase 5K a few hours ago and it was not the best race ever but it is tradition. I have to run it every year. It ran overnight and as I was sleeping I was wondering if the race would be rescheduled. Woke up to a 1 hour delay and the worst directions to a new parking lot, I ended up at the race 5 minutes before the start. The weather was perfect and I got to meet the runner who wins ALL the races

“Death is not the greatest loss in life.The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we still live…” My beautiful sister had this on her FB status a few day ago. It reminded me of two years ago, when I received an inbox message from my sister letting me know that my mom had been rushed to hospital. The next thing I knew I was standing next to her coffin. Saying goodbye. I would never see her again on this side of life. I did not know what to say, what to think, how to feel. My kids would never know my mom. No more letters from mom. My heart was broken…my life was changed forever. Life must go on, but it is always comforting to know, that it is well with her soul.


Oh my, how I hated push ups (we used to call them pull-ups) Reason being, when I signed up for the military I could not even do one push up. My arms would shake and I would sweat even before doing one. In order to avoid FAT camp (that is what they called it, had nothing to do with weight) and go straight to basic training, we had to do 3?? push ups. I did go straight to basic but I did not know how I was going to pass that first PT test. Now, I LOVE push ups. I think they are the ultimate test of fitness. There is this program that has been around a while and if you follow it, you are supposed to be able to do 100? consecutive push ups! yeah! Can you imagine that? Well, I am not that ambitious, but close. I downloaded an app for 75 consecutive push ups, lets see how many I can go with that…hope you had a fun Monday 🙂


.74cents (tax only)
I cannot believe it has been one week since I posted!! I probably should switch to postaweek category. Crazy…the highlight of my week however was that my Dad called this week! It was nice to talk to him, this has been a tough week for everybody (more on that on another post).
This weeks couponing was awesome! Got the crayola stuff for my kids ‘treasure box’ for free plus more coffee (I know, I love Nescafe). I love Biore stuff too and was debating whether to buy it at Rite Aid or at Walgreens. I had 2 BOGO coupons and 2 $2 off coupons. I headed to Rite Aid and I am glad that I did. Paid $1.38 before tax for 4 Biore items, got back $10, used to it to buy groceries!! These Biore deals are still going on at both Rite Aid and Walgreens. The Rite Aid deal is buy $20 worth of Biore, Jergens, Curel and John Frieda products and get $10 UPs. Walgreens is buy 2 Biore products and get $5. If you do not have any UPs, you get a better deal at Walgreens!! The Biore cleanser is $5.99 at Walgreens and it is $7.99 at Rite Aid. I bought it at Rite Aid because I get a discount and also I had UPs and Rite Aid coupons to use bring my total to $1.38 before tax. Awesomeness!!


Interesting day today, I meant to wake up early and go run and ended up waking up late and decided to go for the IAAP lunch, to support our association. I missed a parking spot because I have never learned how to parrallel park…found a parking spot that I could park in with no problem. Pause: I still do not understand why people put money in the parking meters on Saturdays and Sundays. It clearly says…No charge on weekends! End of Pause. I was still trying to figure out where the new Applebees is when this lady stopped us and said, would you like tickets to to breakfast? Winning!! Apparently she was running late for another meeting so she could not make the breakfast…so Rehema and I had breakfast on her! and still supported IAAP!
On our way home, just close to Brainerd, all the police cars were zooming past us and I was wondering what in the world was going on…I then saw it later that a police officer had been gunned down. It is a sad day in Chattanooga.
Later in the day we decided to go to the Incline…and saw the five states they talk about LOL!