Interesting day today, I meant to wake up early and go run and ended up waking up late and decided to go for the IAAP lunch, to support our association. I missed a parking spot because I have never learned how to parrallel park…found a parking spot that I could park in with no problem. Pause: I still do not understand why people put money in the parking meters on Saturdays and Sundays. It clearly says…No charge on weekends! End of Pause. I was still trying to figure out where the new Applebees is when this lady stopped us and said, would you like tickets to to breakfast? Winning!! Apparently she was running late for another meeting so she could not make the breakfast…so Rehema and I had breakfast on her! and still supported IAAP!
On our way home, just close to Brainerd, all the police cars were zooming past us and I was wondering what in the world was going on…I then saw it later that a police officer had been gunned down. It is a sad day in Chattanooga.
Later in the day we decided to go to the Incline…and saw the five states they talk about LOL!


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