Oh my, how I hated push ups (we used to call them pull-ups) Reason being, when I signed up for the military I could not even do one push up. My arms would shake and I would sweat even before doing one. In order to avoid FAT camp (that is what they called it, had nothing to do with weight) and go straight to basic training, we had to do 3?? push ups. I did go straight to basic but I did not know how I was going to pass that first PT test. Now, I LOVE push ups. I think they are the ultimate test of fitness. There is this program that has been around a while and if you follow it, you are supposed to be able to do 100? consecutive push ups! yeah! Can you imagine that? Well, I am not that ambitious, but close. I downloaded an app for 75 consecutive push ups, lets see how many I can go with that…hope you had a fun Monday 🙂


6 thoughts on “Push-Ups

  1. gosh, you are ambitious! I am working on improving my amount but am a lil embarrassed at the amount I can do :S haha Yay for you, wow – 75!! that’s amazing! Oh, and I love the pic, too cute! 🙂


  2. Wow Sayre, the most I have done is 45, 7 years ago for my PT test, it has been downhill ever since, just doing enough to pass the test, like 16…I really want to be ablet to do many, I think it is the ultimate fitness test if done in proper form and NOT girl push ups, those don’t count at all


  3. Grace, I think you meant press-ups. Pull-ups are something else.
    I tried the hundredpushups thing and gave up. It was way too tough for me.
    I do about 60, but not consecutively. With breaks after about 10 or 15.


  4. I think you are right Abraham! We used to call them press-ups! 60!!! I did 45 in one minute for my last physical fitness exam after army training, I was super fit those days. Now, after 10, my hands are shaking so hard!


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