So I have been gone for awhile, I decided to take a break from facebook and concentrate on my studies, May 2nd, this semester will be over, then I will decide if I really need facebook or not. It has been so good not to feel the pressure to check facebook and to be in the know with what is happening. I realized that life really does go on without facebook. I do not need to know all that and it is a waste of time that I did not have. I ran my one miler on saturday, the bad news is that I was last 😦 (hey, I was running with 20 somethings) and the good news is that my time was 8.30…official time was 8.29.something. I was really proud of myself, next race, Chattanooga Chase 8K, this is my favorite race. Something about running in that posh neighborhood and having people cheer you from their houses!! Hope you have an great week and see you next Sunday night!!

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  1. yes Abraham, use my yahoo e-mail. We are fine though, in case you were wondering and tell Dad that we really appreciate it for him calling us to find out if we were okay.


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