Lady Antebellum have one of those albums that you love almost every song and I have been listening to their “Hello World” Their harmonies are out of this world!
These past two weeks have been a whirlwind, first it was the scariest and one of the worst storms ever, then no power for the longest time, then the end of the semester with no power to do the exams or finish the assignments, then it was all done!! I told myself that I am taking the three months off and I am not going to look at a book again until August, but now I find myself almost registering for a summer course!
I am taking part in a 6 weeks walking works and it is crazy, I am so sucked into it, we want to win. Since it started 16 days ago, I have walked/run an average of 7 miles a day!! Our team is doing great and with all this walking/running, we better win.
Yay, Lauren Alaina Suddeth comes to Chattanooga for her homecoming, so exciting that Idol comes to Chattanooga. On Sunday, the season finale of Extreme Makeover features a family that lives in Rossville…yay for us!
I hope I get to post more. Have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Wow – You’ve had a busy, crazy time of it lately. Congratulations for signing up for the Walking Works. That should keep you in fine fettle! I hope you win!!


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