Support our soldiers

Just wanted to let you know that First Tennessee Bank is collecting items to send to men and women serving in the Tennessee Army National Guard, 230th Sustainment Brigade. The list includes Clorox wipes, razors, shampoo, chapstick, dental floss, baby powder, wipes, sun block, bubble gum, instant coffee, lollipops, batteries, stamps, paper, mini fan, bandannas etc.

Pricey Oil Change

Today I had to take my car for an oil change, my car basically told me if I don’t take it for an oil change, it is basically not going to take me to anywhere tomorrow.  So, off to Walmart I went, I actually arrived 20 minutes to Tire & Lube close time but the guy checking in people had already checked out and was taking his time.  Someone else had to come and check me in.  I went into Walmart and a few minutes later I went to check on my car and was told that my keys and paper work were taken to Customer Service.  That is when all the fun began.  The girl in customer service had no idea what I was talking about.  Her supervisor came by and gave her my paper work, after scanning several bar codes, she told me that my oil change would $107.  I just started laughing, it was too funny, (all I ever wanted was a basic $30 oil change) meanwhile, the people on the line waiting to return their stuff had began complaining how slow Walmart is etc etc.  The supervisor came by again and took the paper work and scanned it and the price came down to the correct price.  I guess next time I am not waiting for Sunday to take my car for an oil change…I wish I knew a reasonably priced place to take my car for an oil change. any suggestions?

Have a fun Monday!

The week in passing…

Last week was an interesting week. The two kids and I did visit a different congregation since the girl child was presenting songs with her VBS class. All I can say it was interesting and we were glad to bring some major diversity. For once the girl was actually singing the songs and not miming, but I was too scared to take pictures it was a very proper church.   I should have asked before the service started if it was okay to take pictures, but we had dropped her off earlier and by the time we arrived, one minute late, the service was like halfway!

So the army ditches the beret as the official combat gear!  It was about time, that beret was the hardest piece of clothing of put on right.    Every one complained about it, the reason for the ditching was that,  one had to use two hands to put it on and also it could not be carried in a pocket…

It was the same week that a family requested a hospital to exhume the body of their loved one because they had given him his roommates dentures and they did not want him burried with those dentures.

Just Between Friends sale was on this week and I decided to tag a few things and sell them.  This time around I did not volunteer and I do regret not volunteering.  The debate between consigning and having a yard sale still goes on in my mind, consigning always wins, even though that $10 franchise fee just sounds steep to me, but you know what, I will be back in October.  My goal is usually to break even, to spend as much as I sell, I did score school uniform 🙂

Have a great last week of June!

Race Day

Today was another race day. Since this is no longer a CTC race and I was not going to earn any ROY points for it, I decided to ran the 5K as opposed to the 10K. (I bet you know the real reason, I was not ready for a 10K – still recovering from walking an impressive number of steps during walking works). The race was packed, 1599 other people woke up with Riverbend race & walk on their mind. It was a great race, 30.24 is great in my books especially after the YMCA hill. (Is there a way the race could end before that hill?) Unfortunately, they did not post my age group results and so I have no idea what # I placed.
Earlier in the week I decided to go and listen to Brian McKnight! Made getting a riverbend pin totally worth it. It has been a crazy week but a good one at that. Tomorrow, I will be attending a totally different church, no worries, it is presbyterian.