Race Day

Today was another race day. Since this is no longer a CTC race and I was not going to earn any ROY points for it, I decided to ran the 5K as opposed to the 10K. (I bet you know the real reason, I was not ready for a 10K – still recovering from walking an impressive number of steps during walking works). The race was packed, 1599 other people woke up with Riverbend race & walk on their mind. It was a great race, 30.24 is great in my books especially after the YMCA hill. (Is there a way the race could end before that hill?) Unfortunately, they did not post my age group results and so I have no idea what # I placed.
Earlier in the week I decided to go and listen to Brian McKnight! Made getting a riverbend pin totally worth it. It has been a crazy week but a good one at that. Tomorrow, I will be attending a totally different church, no worries, it is presbyterian.

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