The week in passing…

Last week was an interesting week. The two kids and I did visit a different congregation since the girl child was presenting songs with her VBS class. All I can say it was interesting and we were glad to bring some major diversity. For once the girl was actually singing the songs and not miming, but I was too scared to take pictures it was a very proper church.   I should have asked before the service started if it was okay to take pictures, but we had dropped her off earlier and by the time we arrived, one minute late, the service was like halfway!

So the army ditches the beret as the official combat gear!  It was about time, that beret was the hardest piece of clothing of put on right.    Every one complained about it, the reason for the ditching was that,  one had to use two hands to put it on and also it could not be carried in a pocket…

It was the same week that a family requested a hospital to exhume the body of their loved one because they had given him his roommates dentures and they did not want him burried with those dentures.

Just Between Friends sale was on this week and I decided to tag a few things and sell them.  This time around I did not volunteer and I do regret not volunteering.  The debate between consigning and having a yard sale still goes on in my mind, consigning always wins, even though that $10 franchise fee just sounds steep to me, but you know what, I will be back in October.  My goal is usually to break even, to spend as much as I sell, I did score school uniform 🙂

Have a great last week of June!