Today I had to take my car for an oil change, my car basically told me if I don’t take it for an oil change, it is basically not going to take me to anywhere tomorrow.  So, off to Walmart I went, I actually arrived 20 minutes to Tire & Lube close time but the guy checking in people had already checked out and was taking his time.  Someone else had to come and check me in.  I went into Walmart and a few minutes later I went to check on my car and was told that my keys and paper work were taken to Customer Service.  That is when all the fun began.  The girl in customer service had no idea what I was talking about.  Her supervisor came by and gave her my paper work, after scanning several bar codes, she told me that my oil change would $107.  I just started laughing, it was too funny, (all I ever wanted was a basic $30 oil change) meanwhile, the people on the line waiting to return their stuff had began complaining how slow Walmart is etc etc.  The supervisor came by again and took the paper work and scanned it and the price came down to the correct price.  I guess next time I am not waiting for Sunday to take my car for an oil change…I wish I knew a reasonably priced place to take my car for an oil change. any suggestions?

Have a fun Monday!

3 thoughts on “Pricey Oil Change

  1. Do you have a SuperLube there? I find them pretty reasonable, if you resist all the sales pitches they hurl at you. And it’s quick!


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