Back to school…

All the back to school sales have began and if you are like me, you are starting to buy a crayon here and a glue stick there to get your child ready for school. I remember when I went to school a few decades ago (sigh) our supply list consisted of a pencil, an eraser, a ruler and a few exercise books. Fast forward, my child supply list is a little longer than that, from 40 pencils to a tub of wipes. But here is my dilemma. We have the option of writing a $30 check or buying the supplies myself. Should I write the check or should I go shopping? I have decided to go shopping! I think my total will come under $30, we will see. Happy shopping!


So baby boy starts coughing
and I had seen him with a puzzle piece in his hand
I ask him,
what is in your mouth?
and he is crying…
did you swallow something?
Panic sets in
I must be the worst mother in the whole world
Baby boy is crying uncontrollably
heimlich maneuver?
and I thought I was a combat medic!
At least he is still breathing since he is crying
call 911??
he starts throwing up
and the penny comes out of his throat
never been so happy to see a penny
I let him know that I put the penny in his piggy bank
baby boy asks:
did you clean it?
discover that my child is not the first
nor the last to swallow a penny
Thank you God for taking care of the little boy!


The past week has been interesting, I have been running into rude and selfish drivers, parking so close to me that I cannot enter my car using the driver’s door or deciding to park on our driveway without our permission and taking off. How rude!  If you are reading this, next time I am calling the police, I now have the number to call.

In the world of couponing, Bi Lo is slowly but surely becoming my grocery store of choice.  First of all, there is a Bi Lo in every corner, some of their price locks are awesome (like the $1 Bounty napkins – which have ranged from free to .50 cents with coupons) to many BoGo deals.  Bi Lo released their new coupon policy that really works for me.

July has been a race free month for me, apart from volunteering at the Triathlon, it has been a slow month, but come August, I have 4 races back to back.  Well, I hope you are having a great summer.  I love not having any assignments!