The past week has been interesting, I have been running into rude and selfish drivers, parking so close to me that I cannot enter my car using the driver’s door or deciding to park on our driveway without our permission and taking off. How rude!  If you are reading this, next time I am calling the police, I now have the number to call.

In the world of couponing, Bi Lo is slowly but surely becoming my grocery store of choice.  First of all, there is a Bi Lo in every corner, some of their price locks are awesome (like the $1 Bounty napkins – which have ranged from free to .50 cents with coupons) to many BoGo deals.  Bi Lo released their new coupon policy that really works for me.

July has been a race free month for me, apart from volunteering at the Triathlon, it has been a slow month, but come August, I have 4 races back to back.  Well, I hope you are having a great summer.  I love not having any assignments!

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