So baby boy starts coughing
and I had seen him with a puzzle piece in his hand
I ask him,
what is in your mouth?
and he is crying…
did you swallow something?
Panic sets in
I must be the worst mother in the whole world
Baby boy is crying uncontrollably
heimlich maneuver?
and I thought I was a combat medic!
At least he is still breathing since he is crying
call 911??
he starts throwing up
and the penny comes out of his throat
never been so happy to see a penny
I let him know that I put the penny in his piggy bank
baby boy asks:
did you clean it?
discover that my child is not the first
nor the last to swallow a penny
Thank you God for taking care of the little boy!

3 thoughts on “Scare!

  1. He’s deinitely not the first. I apparently ate money on a regular basis when I was little. My mom’s got a few x-rays somewhere of my stomach with various coins in it. Usually they just let them stay and eventually they’d pass (not always painfree, but usually it was). The only time they made me throw up was when I’d ingest something poisonous.

    I’m sure my mother was beside herself with me as I made it a habit to put unsuitable things in my mouth and swallow them. Her first encounter? Me sitting on the kitchen floor calmly eating a can of Comet with a spoon. My first stomach pump!

    Feel better yet? It sounds like H was just as upset as you were, so I don’t think you have to worry about him making a habit of it.


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