The week that was…8/27

Just like that, August is almost over…
My running went well this week, I put in my 3 runs, with the longest being today, 4.3 miles run. Fortunately or unfortunately, the racoon mountain race which was supposed to be today was cancelled, this is my favorite race, there is something about running in the middle of the dam!! I was going to go for the 10K and did not feel very ready for it so I am kinda glad it was cancelled. Now I have the FCA 5K on labor day. Did you know that labour day is celebrated on May 1 in other countries?
Reality TV, I do watch some reality TV every week like Big Brother. Last week was 2 weeks in one which saw Big (bully) Jeff (thanks to Shelly) leave the BB house. I think he is still in shock! I was in shock not because he went home but because Shelly betrayed him. I never thought I would say this, but I am officially Team Rachel. yes, the me! me! me! gal. There is a new Friday show on ABC – Karaoke World Championships, it is pretty entertaining!
Hope you have a great week, and hang in there, joy comes in the morning!

Back to School part 2

This is a follow up to this post. Things were going so well, I was well well below the $30 budget until I started looking for thin-line expo dry erase markers, then I knew I should have written that check. Walmart had them for $14!! wow! I did find them at Target for $8.46. I did make it under the $30 budget, but it would have been better to write the check, but I would have never known! Buying those erase markers was made easier because baby girl’s teacher sent her a welcome card in the mail 🙂 We think it going to be a great year!