You want a pie?


This is the race for you!  You just have to be one of the first 100 finishers!  Last year, the 100th person ran it in 54 minutes, so if you can keep that pace, then you have a chance of getting a free pie!  This is also a prediction race, you predict your time before the race and if you are right, you win cash.  It is only $10 to register and the money goes to “Lose the Training Wheels Chattanooga Bike Camp which is a one-week camp that teaches individuals with disabilities to ride a two-wheel bicycle.”  by the way, BYOT – no T-shirts will be given so bring your own T-shirt!!


Funny work office college  cartoon from August 08, 2007

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine and I was letting her know that I will soon be leaving my place of work and the next thing she asked me in an interesting way if I was going to take my retirement. Really? I know that I graduated from high school more than 2 decades ago, but I didn’t think that my friend would think I am even close to retirement!! Even Henry’s classmates have never called me ‘grandma’ and you know that kids don’t lie. It was just interesting that she thought for some reason I qualify to retire! Keep it here!

I’m beat!

This past weekend was spent putting stuff into boxes and boxes and more boxes! So much to do and so little time. I am not sure which one is tougher, cramming your life’s belongings into 7 suitcases and moving thousands and thousands of miles away or moving across the state. For some reason, I feel just a little more stressed about this move, maybe because there are kids involved and so many other things to take care of in a short time. I covet your prayers.
In the couponing world, it was a great week @ Foodlion. I hope the pilot was successful and they will change their policy and start doubling, I’ll take .50 cents. I love my foodlion. Unfortunately, where we are moving, there is no Foodlion, there is no Bilo and sob sob, there is no Publix! Yes, I checked! I had to! I guess I will have to resign to Kroger (doubles up to .50 cents) and Target (price matches) and if all else fails, there is always a Walmart.

And the journey begins…

image and the journey begins. I am not sure which one is going to be more challenging, shrinking your life possessions into 7 suitcases and moving thousands of miles away or this time around. At least the first time around, we had more than a year to think about it and 6 months to pack. This time around, there are kids involved and less time to pack up and move. We need lots of prayers and will keep you updated.