This past weekend was spent putting stuff into boxes and boxes and more boxes! So much to do and so little time. I am not sure which one is tougher, cramming your life’s belongings into 7 suitcases and moving thousands and thousands of miles away or moving across the state. For some reason, I feel just a little more stressed about this move, maybe because there are kids involved and so many other things to take care of in a short time. I covet your prayers.
In the couponing world, it was a great week @ Foodlion. I hope the pilot was successful and they will change their policy and start doubling, I’ll take .50 cents. I love my foodlion. Unfortunately, where we are moving, there is no Foodlion, there is no Bilo and sob sob, there is no Publix! Yes, I checked! I had to! I guess I will have to resign to Kroger (doubles up to .50 cents) and Target (price matches) and if all else fails, there is always a Walmart.

One thought on “I’m beat!

  1. I’m SO going to miss you – sob! sob! Will keep you in prayer for God’s will & favor in your lives. Hugs to you friend!! BTW, I think Kroger is great! 🙂


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