Facebook personalities!

Facebook had killed my blog at some point, then I joined dailypost wordpress to give me blogging motivation. But let’s face it, facebook is addictive and we find ourselves spending more time on facebook than we would care to admit or we want to.

So, today I went reading about facebook personalities and I came across Brandon Griggs’  list of the  most annoying types of facebookers.  This list just describes it all!  I admit that I am one or more of the personalities, and my new year resolution, is to stop! Right!

Do you have a friend who when you meet in the church or at work they tell you that they like your profile picture, or they ask you about your kid who just went to kindergarten or they ask you how your brother is doing? and you wonder how they knew that stuff?  In the CNN article, he is called the  lurker!  They go through your status’, your photos, your posts, your wall but they NEVER comment on anything!!  Are you one of those?

Then CNN lists the self-promoter!  that is totally me!  I want you to know how many miles I ran and how many times  I ran and how many races I have done this year and intend to do, LOL!   The self-promoter links everything (my blog) to their achievements, anything they do, they brag about it! ha!

Then comes, “let me tell you everything I did, I am doing and I intend to do”  this facebooker trends on your facebook every day, every night!  Every other status belongs to this facebooker. If an hour passes without a status update from them, you get worried!  I always wonder what they did before facebook!!

Then the facebooker who shares way too much personal info!  yes, we do not want to know what you went to buy at CVS and what you are using it for!  Wow! Thanks for sharing…too much information.

Attention seekers facebooker, always seeking attention.  Once in a while, it is okay to let us know that you are having a bad day and you could use some prayers and it is totally okay to share genuine bad news that you need prayers for.  but honestly, at times the posts are so manipulative!

Any facebook personality you can think of?   I still have more for tomorrow!  Keep it here!


I feel like I will be living in the hometown of The Andy Griffith Show! Which is not totally a bad thing, new place, new rules and new challenges. So, Sila went down to the register my car for me and he came back and let me know that my car needs to be inspected by the Sheriff first! Really? I just thought that was too funny! I wonder if one of the qualifications of being the Sheriff is having some schooling in mechanics or something like that. Too funny!!

BTW…watching sing off and loving it!

Drug Stores!

Walgreens Make this Season Stunning Booklet Have you ever shopped Drug stores on black Friday weekend? This time around, I attempted to shop the three drugs stores since the deals looked so good. There were a ton of usable freebies! The pros/cons is that these deals begin on Thursday morning, which is good and bad. Good in that, you have three days to shop the deals, bad in that by the time some of us recover from Black Friday and head that way, all the stuff is gone! (but they do give rain checks)I still decided to go and try it out.
First stop was CVS! All the stuff was gone (despite the fact they have limits on the card – I believe some people have more than one card) except the candy and Carmex. Since I had ECBs to burn, I bought the carmex and candy and came out even! I did get a rain check for one thing I really needed.
Second stop: Rite Aid. This Rite had their black Friday deals on a table at the door. I did not have to go round the store looking and searching. They were also pretty wiped out but I did get a remote control for $5 and got back $5 UPs and I had some UPs to burn too! I also got a rain check and their rain checks are printed from the register and are attached to your card, which is pretty neat!
My last stop was Walgreens! If I had started the Walgreens shopping on Thursday, I would have been able to roll the register rewards and would have saved a lot more money but I did not have time for that. This Walgreens was pretty organized too and had all the stuff together. Got some pretty cheap Children’s Advil! Cost me $4 for two and got back $3 Register Rewards. At the end of the Walgreens shopping trips, I bought stuff worth $35, paid $10.89 and got back $14.50 in Register Rewards!!! I was pretty pleased! Next time I am planning it out though so that I spend less out of pocket!

Black Friday!

Wow! Black Friday was cra-a-zy (word of the day) this year. Unlike last year, this year I did not have something I really, really wanted to get but I ended up at walmart x3 (between 9.30 and 12.30am), Target, K-mart, Walgreens and Rite Aid. Last year, it was time to replace our big behind TV (anyone want it? it’s totally free and it works although once in a while, it needs a pat on the side) and so I did line up sort of, and got the $199 TV! This year, it was a matter of it would be nice if I got this and that, if I don’t, that’s fine. That was the attitude before I left the house @ 9.30pm
First stop, Walmart, No parking, people were parking in crazy places and crossing a 55 miles an hour highway, at night?? No way! So, I decided to go to the next Walmart, there was parking, but you had to walk forever. I knew things were bad when I saw cops, no carts and the cashiers lines were already crazy. It is 10 pm. By that time, I had decided, I wanted the stuff on my list so bad (ha! ha! a woman is allowed to change her mind) I went round Walmart, squeezing through, and all I got was a kids game (which was NOT in my list) but I took it, because it was the last one. As I was walking with it and telling myself that there is NO way I am going to line up for hours just to buy this cheap game (while looking at clothing which was on my list), this woman asked me where I got the game from. That was the Lord telling me to stop being stupid and I gave it to her, she was soo happy, she could not believe it. And with that, I left and decided to go home. On my way home, I saw Walmart and decided to stop by and just see if there was anything left and indeed, everything on my list was at this Walmart except the elusive crock pot and one other thing which was available online 🙂 Came home after mid night, slept, woke up, and headed to the other stores. I know it is super crazy, but next year, I will be back again! I think it was more fun though when Black Friday started at 5am. image

Are there any reality TV shows you’d try out for?

Yes, I would try out for Survivor, I think I would have a pretty good chance of being selected but I am not sure I would last a long time in the game though.  I think living in the Big Brother house would be interesting too but I do not have the desire to live under 24 hours surveillance.  I would take Biggest Loser in a heart beat but I do not qualify.  I think living in the ranch would be awesome.  Is there one you would try for?

The ABCs of Thanksgiving

Three years ago I saw this neat blog about the Thanksgiving  ABCs and decided to copy the idea!  here we go!

Abraham – I am forever thankful for my brother Abraham and his beautiful wife Kay.  Maybe next year God willing, we will get to spend sometime together.
Buddies – Running buddies, Amy, Sharon, Monica, DeLeslyn, Jane, Angie,  Amanda and my missing in action running buddy Stacie!  I will miss you guys, will definately be back for a few races!  Keep running!
Christine – I am thankful for my beautiful sister Christine, you will always be my celebrity, you always make us smile.
Dad – I am forever thankful for my Dad! I love you Dad and looking forward to seeing you soon.
Employment – I am thankful for having a job, for the people I have met through this job and for the awesome bosses’ I have had during that time!  That somehow includes you Sig!!!
Friends – I am thankful for all the friends we have. May the Lord bless you all!
God is faithful! What can I say?
Henry Luke – You are my favorite son! You make me smile every day and will always walk a pound with you (inside joke!).
Interesting people make life so interesting
Jesus – He is my Lord and Savior…while we were still sinners, Christ died for us!
Kentucky – Who would have thought we would be living in Kentucky!  Go Wildcats!  I am really looking forward to a new start
Life – I am thankful that our family has been generally healthy this year.
Mom, I hope you are having the time of your life up in heaven, I miss you!
New City Fellowship – I am thankful for our church, the pastor and pastoral staff, I pray that we find another warm church family.
Onesmus – You are hilarious, you bring lots of humor into our lives, I love being your ‘old’ sister
Provisions – The Lord has provided for us each and everyday and for that I am grateful
Quick bread – Quotable quotes – Quick thinking
Rehema – You are my favorite daughter, you amaze me each day with how much you know and your hard questions. May all your dreams come true!
Sila, 11 years and loving you! You are the best.
Teachers – I am thankful for all teachers, I am especially thankful for all the teachers in my kids lives- Dr. Tuju, Ms Carrie, Mr Adam and Mrs Rychener.
U tell me what you are thankful for!
Voicemail – I love voicemail and use it a lot, sorry!
Websites – I am thankful for all the couponing websites that make saving easy and not to forget Laurie Gienapp who works so hard to make sure we all have our AJCs every Sunday!
X??? I am still thankful
You, I am thankful for you who reads my blog :-). May the Lord Bless you during this season and in the coming year.
Zzzzzzzz – I am thankful for sleep.


I just came back from shopping for Thanksgiving and it was cra-a-zy!  My plan was to go to the deli of the store and order one of those deals they have been advertising.  You pay so much money, and you get a cooked Turkey, sides and you can add a desert for a few more dollars.  Sounded perfect!  right?  All I needed to do is warm it and we are good to go!  Went to the deli, the person in charge came with his pen and paper and a list of  options they have.  So I asked him, how long do I have to wait when I place my order?  He says, not very long.  This is getting good! Then the truth comes out, he says, we in fact do not cook the Turkey, we just give you the stuff and you go cook it at home.  Sir, for half the price, I can go and pick the stuff from the store and cook it myself.  Too funny!!! So I ended up, running up and down the store (I have never been to this store before so I had no idea where anything was) saying excuse me like 20 times and finally, I checked out and butterball, here I come!

Baby girl has been asking for Mandazi for the longest time, so I decided to surprise her and make some.  Measured the flour, added the sugar and discovered that I do not have any baking powder.  There is no way you can make Mandazi without baking powder  and there is no way I was going back to that madness!  Sila was nice enough to go get some, yummy! Mandazi na Chai, here I come!  Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!