Funny, this theme came out the day after Halloween, but I still wanted to use it for a week or so!  At one time I was over ambitious and I thought I would be able to blog everyday and I guess reality set in and I have gone weeks and weeks!  My apologies!  

Yes, I ran the pie run with BFF Amy.  Unfortunately, we did not win any pie but it was a fun hilly 10K!  I also ran the Pumpkin pie 10K and that was a fast race!  Next Saturday is the Battlefield full and half marathon!  One day,  I will do it, but as of now, Rehema is representing!!  You live through your kids, right?   I have only once race remaining and I will call it a year, it has been a fun fun fun running year! See you soon…Go Nancy Grace!!!


2 thoughts on “yay!

  1. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing I think your running is! I get a little thrill everytime you report running in another race.

    So, are you all settled into the new place? Are you liking the new location?


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