I just came back from shopping for Thanksgiving and it was cra-a-zy!  My plan was to go to the deli of the store and order one of those deals they have been advertising.  You pay so much money, and you get a cooked Turkey, sides and you can add a desert for a few more dollars.  Sounded perfect!  right?  All I needed to do is warm it and we are good to go!  Went to the deli, the person in charge came with his pen and paper and a list of  options they have.  So I asked him, how long do I have to wait when I place my order?  He says, not very long.  This is getting good! Then the truth comes out, he says, we in fact do not cook the Turkey, we just give you the stuff and you go cook it at home.  Sir, for half the price, I can go and pick the stuff from the store and cook it myself.  Too funny!!! So I ended up, running up and down the store (I have never been to this store before so I had no idea where anything was) saying excuse me like 20 times and finally, I checked out and butterball, here I come!

Baby girl has been asking for Mandazi for the longest time, so I decided to surprise her and make some.  Measured the flour, added the sugar and discovered that I do not have any baking powder.  There is no way you can make Mandazi without baking powder  and there is no way I was going back to that madness!  Sila was nice enough to go get some, yummy! Mandazi na Chai, here I come!  Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!




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  1. I’m with you… I try to do my shopping early so I don’t have to be in there with the mad crowds. And if I forget something, I hope that someone ELSE will volunteer to go get it!


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