The ABCs of Thanksgiving

Three years ago I saw this neat blog about the Thanksgiving  ABCs and decided to copy the idea!  here we go!

Abraham – I am forever thankful for my brother Abraham and his beautiful wife Kay.  Maybe next year God willing, we will get to spend sometime together.
Buddies – Running buddies, Amy, Sharon, Monica, DeLeslyn, Jane, Angie,  Amanda and my missing in action running buddy Stacie!  I will miss you guys, will definately be back for a few races!  Keep running!
Christine – I am thankful for my beautiful sister Christine, you will always be my celebrity, you always make us smile.
Dad – I am forever thankful for my Dad! I love you Dad and looking forward to seeing you soon.
Employment – I am thankful for having a job, for the people I have met through this job and for the awesome bosses’ I have had during that time!  That somehow includes you Sig!!!
Friends – I am thankful for all the friends we have. May the Lord bless you all!
God is faithful! What can I say?
Henry Luke – You are my favorite son! You make me smile every day and will always walk a pound with you (inside joke!).
Interesting people make life so interesting
Jesus – He is my Lord and Savior…while we were still sinners, Christ died for us!
Kentucky – Who would have thought we would be living in Kentucky!  Go Wildcats!  I am really looking forward to a new start
Life – I am thankful that our family has been generally healthy this year.
Mom, I hope you are having the time of your life up in heaven, I miss you!
New City Fellowship – I am thankful for our church, the pastor and pastoral staff, I pray that we find another warm church family.
Onesmus – You are hilarious, you bring lots of humor into our lives, I love being your ‘old’ sister
Provisions – The Lord has provided for us each and everyday and for that I am grateful
Quick bread – Quotable quotes – Quick thinking
Rehema – You are my favorite daughter, you amaze me each day with how much you know and your hard questions. May all your dreams come true!
Sila, 11 years and loving you! You are the best.
Teachers – I am thankful for all teachers, I am especially thankful for all the teachers in my kids lives- Dr. Tuju, Ms Carrie, Mr Adam and Mrs Rychener.
U tell me what you are thankful for!
Voicemail – I love voicemail and use it a lot, sorry!
Websites – I am thankful for all the couponing websites that make saving easy and not to forget Laurie Gienapp who works so hard to make sure we all have our AJCs every Sunday!
X??? I am still thankful
You, I am thankful for you who reads my blog :-). May the Lord Bless you during this season and in the coming year.
Zzzzzzzz – I am thankful for sleep.

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  1. That’s a terrific list, Grace! I hope you and your family had a wonderful thanksgiving. I am thankful for you too – I love to read about your exploits and your family’s doings! Especially pictures of your kids. They are just so beautiful.


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