Drug Stores!

Walgreens Make this Season Stunning Booklet Have you ever shopped Drug stores on black Friday weekend? This time around, I attempted to shop the three drugs stores since the deals looked so good. There were a ton of usable freebies! The pros/cons is that these deals begin on Thursday morning, which is good and bad. Good in that, you have three days to shop the deals, bad in that by the time some of us recover from Black Friday and head that way, all the stuff is gone! (but they do give rain checks)I still decided to go and try it out.
First stop was CVS! All the stuff was gone (despite the fact they have limits on the card – I believe some people have more than one card) except the candy and Carmex. Since I had ECBs to burn, I bought the carmex and candy and came out even! I did get a rain check for one thing I really needed.
Second stop: Rite Aid. This Rite had their black Friday deals on a table at the door. I did not have to go round the store looking and searching. They were also pretty wiped out but I did get a remote control for $5 and got back $5 UPs and I had some UPs to burn too! I also got a rain check and their rain checks are printed from the register and are attached to your card, which is pretty neat!
My last stop was Walgreens! If I had started the Walgreens shopping on Thursday, I would have been able to roll the register rewards and would have saved a lot more money but I did not have time for that. This Walgreens was pretty organized too and had all the stuff together. Got some pretty cheap Children’s Advil! Cost me $4 for two and got back $3 Register Rewards. At the end of the Walgreens shopping trips, I bought stuff worth $35, paid $10.89 and got back $14.50 in Register Rewards!!! I was pretty pleased! Next time I am planning it out though so that I spend less out of pocket!